About Noism

Noism is Japan’s first dance company with a permanent residency at a theatre, basing its activities at RYUTOPIA Niigata City Performing Arts Center. Dancers selected through auditions from Japan and around the world have moved to Niigata and are active throughout the year. Since its establishment in 2004, Noism has been performing works created at RYUTOPIA both domestically and internationally, and in addition to activities to develop globally from Niigata to the world (International Activities Division), it has also been engaged in community-based activities such as open classes for citizens and outreach to schools (Community Activities Division). The origin of Noism is “No-ism”. Without having a specific principle, it tries to pass on to future generations the various physical expressions that have been accumulated throughout history.

General Artistic Director
General Artistic Director
Choreographer, Dancer
Photo: Kishin Shinoyama
Artistic Director, International Activities Division
Sawako ISEKI
Photo: Noriki Matsuzaki
Artistic Director, Community Activities Division
Photo: Noriki Matsuzaki
Noism2 Rehearsal Director
Photo:Noriki Matsuzaki
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