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Artistic Director, Community Activities Division
Artistic Director
Community Activities Division
Hokkaido, Japan
Photo: Noriki Matsuzaki
Dancer, Choreographer. Born in Hokkaido. He began his dance career under Fumihito Shimizu at Hokkaido University of Education. In 2005, he joined Noism and worked with Jo Kanamori, Yoshifumi Inao & K.H. Inao, Shintaro Oue, Megumi Nakamura and Yoko Ando. After he left Noism, trained under Akira Hino. He worked with Naoya Aoki, Shintaro Hirahara, and Masahiro Yanagimoto as a freelance dancer. After he choreographed for Noism2 at the company’s first time exclusive performance in 2010, he also tries to focus on site-specific work and presented his work with Noism2 at “Phoenix From The Flame (Bamboo House)” by Taiwanese Artist, Wang Wen Chih which was built in riverside of Shinano River, and Noism2 “The DOVE bounced off the language wall” was performed in the important cultural property, Niigata Prefectural Government Memorial Hall. Since 2013, he serves as Rehearsal Director of Noism2. He assumed the post of Noism1 Rehearsal Director since September 2020.
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Artistic Director, International Activities Division
Sawako ISEKI
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