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Noism Artistic Director
Artistic Director,
RYUTOPIA Dance Division & Noism
Choreographer, Dancer
Photo: Kishin Shinoyama
Theatre Director, Choreographer and Dancer. He is the artistic director of the RYUTOPIA Niigata City Performing Arts Center Dance Division and its residential dance company Noism. Moved to Europe by himself when he was 17 years old, and he studied under Maurice Béjart and others. He made his debut as director and choreographer aged 20, while enrolled at the Nederlands Dans Theater. After ten years of working for several dance companies in Europe, he returned to Japan and established Noism, Japan's first residential dance company of a public art center in 2004. He has been the advisor in arts policy for the city of Niigata since 2014. He has won many awards including the prestigious Japanese Minister of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology Award and the Niigata Nippo Culture Award.
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Works for Noism

2004.06 SHIKAKU
2004.10 black ice / black wind / black garden
2005.01 untitled
2005.08 NINA – prototype
2005.11 NINA – materialize sacrifice
2006.02 Play 4:38
2006.05 sense-datum
2006.11 black ice (ver.06)
2007.04 PLAY 2 PLAY – interfering dimensions
2007.02 NINA – materialize sacrifice (
2008.06 Nameless Hands – house of dolls
2009.06 ZONE – shimmer / thunder / moon on the water
2009.11 Nameless Poison – black monk
2010.07 Les Contes d’ Hoffmann
2010.12 The Shadow of Mayfly
2011.05 Psychic 3.11
2011.05 The Fire bird
2011.08 The Miraculous Mandarin / Bluebeard's Castle
*Created for “Bartok double bill” Saito Kinen Festival Matsumoto 2011
2012.03 solo for 2
2012.06 Nameless Voice – water garden, sand house
2013.12 ZAZA
2013.12 PLAY 2 PLAY – interfering dimensions (reviced version)
2014.06 CARMEN
2014.12 ASU
2015.03 supernova
2015.06 Sheltered Princess - a fairy tale for grown child
2016.06 La Bayadère – nation of illusion
2017.01 The Match Seller’s Tale + passacaglia
2017.05 Liebestod
2017.08 DoGoD
2017.09 The Crush Wave
2017.12 The Dream of the Swan
2018.06 Mirroring Memories
2019.01 R.O.O.M. / Mirror in the Mirror
2019.07 Mirroring Memories(2019 ver.) / FratresⅠ
2019.12 Chronos Kairos 1 / The Last Rose of Summer / FratresⅡ
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