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2022.11.18 UPDATE
Noism Company Niigata Workshop in Tokyo

Noism Company Niigata will hold a workshop in Tokyo.
Date and Time: Tuesday, 21 March, 2023, 13:30-16:30
Venue: Noah Studio Toritsudai
(1) Noism Ballet
In addition to the basics of classical ballet, Noism’s unique ballet class creates a body that can consciously respond to the diverse movements and demands of contemporary dance.
(2) Noism Repertoire
Experience a part of Noism’s work directed and choreographed by Jo Kanamori.
Instructor: Noism1 members
Participant: Age between 14-25 years old
*Those who are interested in Noism activities
* Those who have been practicing ballet for more than 5 years
*Those who are studying in earnest with the aim of the future
Fee: 11,000 yen (Manabi member 10,000 yen)
75 minutes/class × 2 classes
*Please take all 2 classes
Application and inquiries: [NPO Ballet Wheel Manabi Office]
*Please fill in *your name (furigana), *gender, *age, *address, *email address, *name of your classroom.

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