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2023.02.23 UPDATE
Noism0/Noism1 Field

Sawako Iseki, Artistic Director of the International Activities Division, commissioned Kazuyuki Futami who leads the dance company Kaleidoscope and draws attention for his original movements and compositions to create a new work for Noism1. This is a double bill with Noism0’s new work choreographed by Jo Kanamori, General Artistic Director of Noism Company Niigata.

Space defines the body. Body defines the space. The key word is “Field”. Please enjoy the perspectives of the two choreographers.


Noism0/Noism1 “Field”


“Floaing Field”
Direction: Kazuyuki Futami
Performed by: Noism1
Music: Giuseppe Domenico Scarlatti, 7Chato, etc.


Direction: Jo Kanamori
Performed by: Noism0
Music: Arvo Pärt

【Niigata Performance】
Friday, 30 June – Sunday, 2 July 2 2023 *3 performances
Venue: RYUTOPIA Niigata City Performing Arts Center – Theatre


☆Post-performance talk
At the time of Niigata performance, post-performance talk will be held after each performance. Sawako Iseki and Yuki Yamada will interview the choreographers of each work. Please join us along with the performances.
●Friday, 30 June, 19:00
Kazuyuki Futami (Choreographer of “Floating Field” by Noism1) × Yuki Yamada (Artistic Director, Community
●Saturday, 1 July, 17:00
Jo Kanamori (Choreographer of “Silentium” by Noism0 ) × Sawako Iseki (Artistic Director, International Activities Division)
*Duration of the performance: about 75 minutes (with intermission)
*Post-performance talk will be about 30 minutes after the performance.
*Anyone who has the ticket of the performances (any date of the performances in Niigata) can participate.


【Tokyo Performance】
Friday, 14 July – Sunday, 16 July 16 2023 *3 performances
Venue: Meguro Persimmon Hall – Main Hall

【Admission Fee】
All seats reserved: 5,000 yen, U25: 3,000 yen, High school students and younger: 1,000 yen (tax included)

All seats reserved: 6,000 yen, U25: 3,000 yen (tax included)

【Release Date】
N-PAC mate (RYUTOPIA Friends Association) pre-sale: Wednesday, 15 March 2023
General sale: Saturday, 18 March 2023

[Organizer] Niigata City Art & Culture Promotion Foundation

[Co-organizer] Meguro Foundation of Art and Culture (Tokyo performance)

[Production] RYUTOPIA Niigata City Performing Arts Center


[This project is implemented with a subsidy from Niigata City]

【Access to the venue】