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2023.10.18 UPDATE
Noism2 Performance Viewing and Body Workshop for Adults and Children

Continuing from last year, we will hold Noism2 Performance Viewing and Body Workshop for adults and children at Kodomo Sozo Center (Children’s Creation Center).


You can watch the expression of Noism2, young dancers who practice in Niigata City and aims to become professionals.
Whether you are a child attending for the first time or a parent who usually don’t have a chance to see our performances in our theater, why not take this opportunity to experience the world of Noism?


In addition, at the “Body Workshop for Adults and Children”, adults and children will have fun moving and learning in pairs, and experience the wonders of the body and its charm together with professional dancers.



Date: Saturday, 4 November 13:30-15:00


Instructor: Yuki Yamada (Artistic Director, Community Activities Division, Noism Company Niigata / Noism0)
Yuka Asaumi (Noism2 Rehearsal Director / Noism1)


Performed by: Noism2


Venue: Niigata city Kodomo Sozo Center (Children’s Creation Center)“Hall of Light and Sound” (375-2 Seigoro, Chuo-ku, Niigata City)


Age requirement: From 5 years old to 4th graders in elementary school and their guardians (1 child and 1 guardian in pair)


Capacity: 15 pairs


Things to bring: Comfortable clothes


Participation fee: 700 yen/pair

* Performance Viewing and Workshop will be a set program.
* Family member can only accompany/watch the workshop.
* Participation only for Performance Viewing is welcome.
Noism 2 Performance Viewing

Age requirement: 0-18 years old and guardians *Participation for only adults is not accepted.

Capacity: 30 people

Participation fee: 200 yen for children, 300 yen for adults


Application by telephone: Niigata City Kodomo Sozo Center (Children’s Creation Center) (TEL: 025-281-3715)



Noism2 Performance Viewing URL

Noism2 Performance Viewing + Body Workshop URL


Application starts on Sunday, 8 October from 9:00. *First-come, first-served basis

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